Disarm Concert

By Lucinda Lovell
Lisson Gallery, London, UK
Lisson Gallery was absolutely packed on the 26th March – the opening night of Pedro Reyes’ exhibition. There was a mixture of people in attendance – top collectors, art world journalists, general public and students – all excited to see the intriguing and original instruments being played. The press surrounding the exhibition had been very positive so everyone was excited to hear the instruments being played. Sol beer was the drink on offer in keeping with the Mexican theme. The opening began at 6:30pm with the concert scheduled for 7:30pm. By the time the event was approaching the whole gallery space was full and there was an air of anticipation in the audience. John Coxon led the musicians – another 6 in total – and they improvised on the instruments, well practiced from their day spent recording at RAK Studios. The ability of the musicians was incredible as they each played 4 or 5 instruments and switched between them easily. The music they played was mostly rock although the tempo and tune varied throughout. The drums gave a constant beat that couldn’t help but infect the audience and make toes start tapping. Pedro was watching from the room above – looking down on the musicians making ‘machine music’ and seeing the crowds delighted reaction. The buzz created by the musicians lasted for about 45 minutes after the concert when the gallery had to close and the musicians went off for the after party. It was an excellent evening – very memorable and enjoyable for those in attendance!
Images Courtesy of Lisson Gallery
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