Baby Marx @ Art Basel Parcours



















































Puppeteers, Janaki Ranpura (left, with Adam Smith),  Mel Myland (right, with Karl Marx) and artist Pedro Reyes (center).


Art Parcours saw the enlivenment of video installation, Baby Marx (2008-present), into a live puppet show. The original work is a growing video production based on the nineteenth century debate between socialism and capitalism featuring Adam Smith and Karl Marx as the main characters in a puppet show directed at children.  In the hypothetical debate the ensues between the characters, they express their differing political ideologies in a palatable way and discuss topics ranging from Occupy Wall Street to Warhol. Historically the puppeteer has been able to challenge and mock without recourse and in this live performance that examines the free flow of opposing ideas, everything is up for question.


Puppet-show Performances

Wed June 13/4pm/5pm/6pm/7pm/8pm/9pm/10pm/11pm

Thurs-Sat Jun 14-16 /4pm/5pm/6pm/7pm/8pm/9pm

Sun Jun 17 3pm/4pm/5pm/6pm


Ackermannshof, Philosophicum – These rooms include a richly decorated banquet and dining room from the Renaissance period.  The bright, still surviving murals date from the Middle Ages.  In some cases it is difficult to see what they are about, since only parts of them are visible.  The ceiling is supported by solid old wooden beams.