The Museum Of Hypothetical Lifetimes



In this activity there is a scale model of a museum; on the wall you’ll find shelves with a number of small figures with which you may find a formal realization to their internal worlds. The figures from which they can choose should represent as complete as possible a cross-section of all inanimate and animate beings which we encounter in the external world as well as in the inner imaginative world: trees, plants, stones, marbles, mosaics, wild and domesticated animals, ordinary women and men pursuing various activities, soldiers, fairytale figures, religious figures from diverse cultural spheres, houses, fountains, bridges, ships, vehicles, etc. The “therapist” will play the role of a curator who will help you to install a scale version of an exhibition about your life. Not only from your birth to the present, but including future events, key images and objects will be arranged in the space narrating in this way your past an future life as an exhibition.



Key to the galleries in The Museum of Hypotetical Lifetimes

1)   The Cradle 

2)   The Father
3)   The Mother
4)   Grandmother
5)   Grandfather
6)   Grandmother
7)   Grandfather
8)   Play space -shrinking
9)   Education -growing
10) Youth
11) Workspaces -career
12) Personal Life
13) Unused potential
14) Death (exit)


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